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  • Active Directory Integration - Pros/Cons

    Planning to implement our ShoreTel phone system by end of year and not convinced if we should use AD integration or not. We have about 200 users that will need to be set up. I can type pretty fast, so adding them manually isn't a biggie...any other reasons that may compel us to use AD integration?

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    I like the integrated authentication, therefore the users do not need to remember their shoretel ID/pass for the Call Manager. I personally like the sync from AD so that data entry errors don't occur.


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      We only have 55 users on our ShoreTel system. However, we have been using it before AD integration was an option. Because of this, we have less than 10 people that actually use the call manager software because IT needs to install it on everyone's machines. Plus, everyone is still using the default username and password for the call manager software.

      We'll be looking to move to integrate with AD ASAP.


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        Realize that you'll need to manually add users. The AD synch isn't really a true synch. The only thing it really gives you is the single sign-on capability for Call Manager and Director which is great. Eventually I hope they enhance it to synch periodically with AD so that any changes get updated to the Shoretel side.


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          - Single Sign on (You wouldn't believe how much easier this makes administering users)

          - Sometimes picks up mobile, work phone etc fields as (null) and hence lists them in the system directory
          - User must be in active directory
          - Locks some fields so they can't be manually edited.


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            I'm a fan of AD integration, despite some of the shortcomings mentioned in this thread. The single sign on ability makes it worthwhile, especially when a user gets a new PC or moves temporarily to a different PC.

            I do hope Shoretel will continue to develop and improve their integration with Active Directory, but it is good enough to work right now.


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              I would say its worth the work right now. At least they give us something!