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  • Park and UnPark issues since upgrade

    Ok, upgraded to 9.2 14.41.1108.0 and now:

    When a caller gets a call and uses the phone to park the call is parked.
    But to pickup the call, I hit unpark and dial the extension from the phone.
    Then, I must hit unpark again.

    Also...Transfer to VM takes an additional step.
    NOTE: These additional steps are needed using the phone set and NOT the call manager.
    CAlled into tech support...

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    IP Phones->Options->Delay After Collecting Digits?


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      The extra step in parked calls can be fix in the Telephony Class of Service. There is a new check box for "Enumerate Individual Held Calls for Unpark". What this does is it give you the ability to choose which call to pickup if there happened to be 2 or mor calls parked at that extension. If you uncheck this, you will just grab the longest idle parked call.

      Your second issue, I'm not sure I understand...I have always trained users to hit the "More" softkey to get the the "To MB" option. I don't believe I've ever seen that option on the first screen. What build did you upgrade from?