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  • Operator/Reception Configuraiton

    We have an office that has a primary receptionist that sits at the front desk. When she takes lunch, or is out of the office there are multiple folks that may sit in her spot. Does anyone have any ideas on how a main office number should work in this situation.... hunt group, workgroup? Thanks a bunch in advance!!

    FYI- The receptionist will need access to the call manager software for transfers etc.
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    I thought you would ask how to move the functionality but if the other people sit at her spot I don't see the problem. I usually set the main CO in a hunt group so if the receptionist has a separate DID she/he can see the difference. When the hunt group rings time out it usually goes into an automated attendant


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      So do you have a generic logon at your front desk or does your receptionist have her own? My problem is with each person being able to use unique logins to the PC and have them able to use their call manager software. The other catch is that I wouldn’t want the "back" receptionists to have their personal desk phones ringing off the hook all day. Any ideas or am i misunderstanding your reply? Thanks for your response!!


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        We have a sort of a strange setup. We use a hunt group for the receptionist. We put our "main" receptionist in that hunt group. Calls that are not answered after 1 ring go to another hunt group which contains the "main" receptionist plus two designated backups. It rings all 3 phones. If not answered after 2 rings it goes to a third hunt group that rings the original 3 members plus a "common" area phone that everyone can hear (really loud). There are a ton of people that have a button on their phone set to be a pickup group for the third hunt group. They hear the common area phone ring and they can push a button and pickup the main phone # call from their cubicle.

        This way, if the main receptionist is there and answering calls, no one's phone ever rings but her's. If she steps away the calls move up the chain, automatically, without any changes.

        There are a million ways to design something. It will come down to how your employees work more than anything. I would definately try and engineer something that works WITHOUT any system changes or manual steps. Someone will forget to do something and your calls will go un-answered for a period of time. Taking people in and out of a hunt group each day manually is a PITA.