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  • Failover Questions

    I've done some research on failover for this design, I think I have most of it figured out. I just need clarification on what we can setup, and how it will work.

    Here's how the system is currently setup (call flow chart is attached as well):
    They're a 3 site medical center.
    Site 1
    • Headquarters
    • Contact Center
    • Scheduling department (CC group)
    • Local PRI

    Site 2
    • DVS
    • Billing Department (CC group)
    • Local PRI

    Site 3
    • v switch
    • no PRI
    • Using site 1 as proxy

    All the sites are connected via Metro-E.

    Here's where I'm having a tough time; the scheduling department users are all in site 1. If the Metro-E fails between site 1 and site 2, how can we setup some failover if a call comes into site 2's PRI and presses options to get to the Scheduling department in Site 1.

    It's my understanding that if a call comes into Site 2, they should hear all the normal AA options, and function as normal on the DVM so long as it doesn't reboot while the Metro-E is down.

    One more question, what determines that a workgroup / huntgroup etc will ring to it's backup extension? If a call comes into Site 2 with the Metro-E down, destined for a WG with extensions only in Site 1 will it follow it's normal RNA destination?

    If anything is unclear, let me know and I'll try to explain it better.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Forgot to attach the call flow chart
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