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  • Configuring GSM Gateways

    Hi to all,
    I need to configure two trunks. One to the CO which is a E1 PRI, the other one to a GSM gateway on a BRI port SG90BRI.

    In Italy, cell phones do not have an area code. All of them start with: +39 3xx-yyyyyyy. The customer wants calls for local area code (ie: +39 0xx-xxxxxx), long distance and International to use trunk E1 to the co, but calls to italian cell phones use trunk 2 to the GSM gateway.

    The customer wants to use the same trunk access code for both trunks, ie 0.

    How is this configuration done? I tried to read on the Admin guide and on thi forum but I could nt configure it.

    Thanks for your kind help.

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    This is going to require a custom dialplan.


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      Here are a couple of suggestions.
      1. This one depends on whether the built in dial plan recognises that you are in Italy and knows that in Italy mobile numbers begin with a 3.
      On a trunk group there are some options at the bottom which you would check (or tick) which specify the services that can be dialled E.G. local, international and also mobile. On your regular trunks you would uncheck the mobile option but leave the others enabled. For the trunk group connected to gsm you would only check the mobile option.
      Use Trunk test tool on the HQ server and observe which trunk group is seized when you make a test call to a landline and another test call to a mobile.

      If this doesnt work your next option (and this is a bit messy) would be to specify that your gsm trunk group has an area code of "300"
      And then import a list of "Nearby Area codes" 301, 302, 303..<snip>...398,399
      You are able to make a list of area codes in Excel and export them out as text which you can then import in a few seconds rather than type them all in one at a time.
      Now, I havn't tried this so there may be a limitation on the quantity of nearby area codes that you are able to add to a trunk group. But it hasnt cost you anything to try it before spending money on a custom dial plan from ShoreTel (although if you ask me, the first option should already recognise the mobile numbers begin with a 3, how hard can that be? :_rolleyes:

      Finally for both options, your trunk access codes on both trunk groups would be a 0, and you mustnt forget to allow your User Groups access to both trunk groups.

      Please let me (and the rest of the forum) know if either of these options worked for you.
      Last edited by ShoreTel_Dave; 12-01-2009, 01:09 PM. Reason: Wrong trunk access digit


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        We have a similar issue in Australia because all mobile numbers start with area code 4 but trunk groups don't like that area code being entered in the config page. I use the fixed line area code for that site (2 for example) and then use the tick boxes on the trunk group to specify that it can only make calls to national mobile numbers as ShoreTel_Dave suggested above.