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  • SIP Trunking Help

    Hey All,

    My question is this.

    We have Etherspeak service at the majority of our locations so we are porting our main line to them. That main line in port 1 of the ShoreTel switch dies, so to make sure we lose no lines we have added a POTS line into the second port on the ShoreTel switch.

    When we lose connectivity to the site of course they can no longer dial out on their VOIP trunk however they do have the POTS line still there. The location can pick up the phone however they cannot dial out. The way our partner had this system setup is under the trunk groups, with have an Etherspeak trunk, it we also assign them their own trunk they attempt to dial out on the POTS than the VOIP.

    The location needs to be able to dial out if they lose connectivity but with the current setup, it is useless because they get a dialtone but cannot dial.

    Any ideas? :helpsmilie: