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  • Access another user's voicemail from Call Manager

    Is it possible to give a user access to another user's voicemail and have it display in Call Manager?


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    I've never seen this functionality myself but it might be possible.
    If you're part of a workgroup you can see its voicemail.

    Some possible solutions are:

    If you have the voicemail forward email you can select a different email address for this to go to.

    You could share the specific voicemail directory on the server and give the user access. \Shoreline Data\Vms\SHORETEL\


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      I don't know of any way to do it within PCM, but I agree, this would be a useful feature. It would be nice to delegate voicemail checking permissions to another employee if I'm on vacation. Or when an employee leaves, the voicemail could be delegated to a supervisor for review and clean up.


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        Originally posted by crimson.falconer View Post

        You could share the specific voicemail directory on the server and give the user access. \Shoreline Data\Vms\SHORETEL\
        I don't think you will find that individual voicemails are filed in a folder per mailbox, only the greetings. The actual voicemails are given meaningless filenames and all located in the same place.

        You are correct with the workgroup agent, supervisor or operator call managers. You can handle voicemail that is delivered to a workgroup mailbox.

        You could use an escalation profile to escalate an unheard message from the original mailbox to a workgroup mailbox. Or if you don't have a premium call manager; escalate them to another individuals mailbox.

        You could also harness the power and elegance of Call Handling Modes:
        EXTENDED ABSENCE greeting
        Hi this is Dave, I am currently on annual leave and am unable to take your call, I will return in my own good time, if you would like to leave a message please speak after the tone, if your query is urgent please press 0 to speak to somebody who gives a :shit:

        You would configure the Personal Assistant setting for the EXTENDED ABSENCE call handling mode to send the call to somebody who gives a :shit:

        Those aside; voicemail delegation would be a nice to have, you can delegate call handling mode changes to a user with Operator Call Manager, be nice to be able to do the same with the voicemails.
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          In earlier versions of ShoreTel (7.x?), this would have been easy. In fact, I wrote an application that could do it. In 9.1, however, other people's voice mails are now inaccessible from call manager's API, making this quite non-trivial.