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  • Show From AD button disabled

    I was able to get AD working great with our users and they can now log-in without having to type in any password for Call Manager, but for some reason, now I can't click the Show from AD or Sync from AD buttons on the user edit page. They are disabled.

    See the attachment for a screen shot.
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    Looks like you've got the latest 9.2 release. Did you upgrade to 9.2 and then set up AD integration or did you already have it working?

    What happens if you uncheck the active directory integration for the user, then save it, then re-enable the AD integration. Is the button available before you click Save just after enabling AD integration again?

    I'm still running 9.1 code (14.22.2904.0), so it's possible it's a 9.2 issue.


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      Make sure you are logged into the shoreware director using your AD login.