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  • Becoming a Shoretel dealer????

    Hi Guys,

    My company is in the beginning stages of looking into a dealership with Shoretel. I notice there is allot of you guys with longevity with Shoretel, so that is positive.

    My question is, can you share some thoughts on what costs are involved with dealership fees, and necessary training to have a partnership, and has it been a good experience overall.

    ANY info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I looked into this last year and was hooked up with a few people at ShoreTel who gave me great information. If you want to IM me your e-mail address, I'll forward you the information ShoreTel sent me.


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      Great thank you much, I will do that!


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        Our partnership has been great. We've been selling Shoretel exclusively for almost 5 years now and we have never felt the need to evaluate another solution from either a technical or channel perspective.

        The commitment depends on which level of the program you'll be in (there are 3). At the minimum level you can sell the solution but can't implement or sell your own support. As you increase in your certification level, you must meet minimum requirements for certified sales and post-sales engineering headcount. Sales training is free and post-sales is not. There are also minimum revenue requirements based upon your level.

        If you reach out to Shoretel, they'll put you in touch with the appropriate member of the channel team who can discuss the requirements and benefits with you for the respective partner levels.