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  • Schedules across time zones

    What is everyone's understanding on applying schedules? Is the on\off hours set to the time on the HQ server or to the time on the DVM hosting the mailbox if residing in a different time zone than the HQ server?

    Scenario is RT points hosted on DVM in the mountain time zone. On hours is 7-5. Off hours for the RT point is to an AA (on HQ in CST) If I create a single schedule with on hours of 7-5 and apply it to both the RT point and AA, the RT point will go off hours 1hr prior to the AA rolling to off hours.
    My understanding was schedule times were applied based off of the time of the HQ server. These route points seem to suggest its off the time of where the mailbox resides.. I'm confused just typing this... lol

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    Our schedules have always run off of the DVM for the resource you are setting the schedule for (ie. a Workgroup that houses its voicemail on a non-HQ DVM will go off of the DVM's time. Hope that clarifies.