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  • Lock down web reporting in 8.1

    We want to allow our Customer Service manager to run his own reports on just his workgroups, and not be able to run any other reports. We are currently testing this before we buy the web reporting license.

    Report Generation Management settings:

    User Management - None

    User Group and License Type Assignment - None

    Distribution List Membership Assignment - None

    Basic Workgroup Management - Selected Workgroups

    Sites (Switches, Trunks, IP Phones, Servers) Management - None

    I thought setting Basic Workgroup Management to his selected workgroups and setting everything else to none, he would only be able to run or get data for the Workgroups, but when testing with his account on the HQ server we can run the workgroup reports, but we also get data populated from the reports of Account Detail and Summary, Wan Media Stream Detail and Summary, Trunk Activity Detail and Summary, and User Activity Detail and Summary populate data.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Any thoughts about this issue? Or how do you run reports?


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      We have a reporting portal which replicates most of ShoreTel's standard reports using faster queries. We have the framework in place to be able to add limiting of the input parameters, though this has not been added yet. We integrate with ShoreTel to use the same username and password and can assign permissions based on user or group.


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        Thanks for the info. It sounds as if we are going to be upgrading versions in the next week or so. Maybe we can lock it down in a newer version.

        With your "Reporting Portal" do you need to buy the remote reporting license?


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          No, a remote reporting license is not required.