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  • Call trace

    I am having an issue with outside calling reaching someone not related to our general operations. I was trying to track down how they were getting to that user and i cannot find a useful report for this.

    The user activity gives me basic call information, but both the calls were transfered to this user, so they are not reaching her directly. However, it does not tell me who transfered the call to them.

    I just set the user up with the PCM software which has the routing slip under a calls history properties sheet.

    I would love if there was a way i could get that same exact information from the shoretel system, does anyone know a way?


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    Call Guid, TmsNcc Log, and patience.


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      The raw CDR data will contain this information.


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        i figured out the log file i need.

        The guid is useless unless you have PCM to look it up. Most of our users dont have PCM, so that hurts.

        I did find the log file and was actually able to look up some. I had to do a find on the caller ID number. It gave me some insight, but it still doesnt tell me what options the caller pressed on the menu to get to the user they ended up at. Obviously i was able to determine they used the menus, so knowing what they did to get there would help tremendously.

        My boss also wanted to know how to see how many calls came into a specific DID. This doesnt seem to be possible unless i dump the trunk report to excel and play around with it.

        I just cant believe they would provide 10 reports with this system and then wash their hands of it. Not everyone has the time to build a reporting interface( and the money in our case.. non-profit ).


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          Originally posted by Icetoad View Post
          My boss also wanted to know how to see how many calls came into a specific DID.
          This is where a good call accounting system works well.


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            We have developed a report to do just this. Check out the video we have posted. Hit it at Maximizing Shoretel - Technical Services & Computer Support - Wadsworth - Akron Ohio.

            The report is called DNIS Utilization.

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              looks good.. but whats the cost in terms of one time install and support/maintenance?