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  • HQ Move

    Hi Everyone
    I am planning a HQ move quite soon and have been reading many posts relating to this in varying degrees, including a post of my own earlier in the year.

    I have taken everyones information and used it to put together an outline to suit what needs to happen. Thank you for everyone who has contrbuted something to the forum in regard to this.

    I would just like to request anyone who is willing to have a look over my outline to check for accuracy and for anything I may have missed or isn't quite right. I have attached this as a word document.

    Our system is v8.1 with 7 x DVM's accross the country supporting 200 handsets. We are moving the current Director Server to a Data Center in another state and replacing it with a DVM at the current site.
    In breif, the plan is:
    1. Copy system to a temporary server at current site
    2. Ship current server to Data Center
    3. Restore system to original server in new location on new subnet
    4. Install new DVM at old location

    I have expanded on this in the attached document which is by no means accurate or suggested as a finished guide for anyone else to follow.

    Thank you in advance for any feedback
    Regards, James
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    Very good Plan ! :thumbup1:

    Just remember your licenses are attach to the mac address of the NIC card.


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      The stage 1 steps I have included were gleaned from here on the forum, but wouldn't the alternative steps I listed for stage 1 be simpler and accomplish the same. I don't consider the script used here a regular use script, but it seems perfect for this project. I think.


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        After the IP addresss is changed on the new server you may need to change this registry key to reflect the new IP:

        HKLM\SOFTWARE\Shoreline Teleworks\HQServerAddress

        If you are using Call Manager then hopefully the HQ server is referenced by DNS name that can be updated to reflect the new IP of HQ server. If users entered in the IP of HQ server when they setup Call Manager then you can push out a registry change in a logon script.

        HKCU\Software\Shoreline Teleworks\ShoreWare Client\Server

        Regarding your question about step 1, if you copy the Shoreline Data folder to the new server before you install ShoreTel it will pick up that data during install. I normally skip the Logs folder as it's quite big and no longer relevant on the new server.
        Last edited by Jason Learmouth; 11-18-2009, 05:44 PM.


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          Thank you Jason

          Just to clarify. Shoretel usually say to install first then import the database to prevent corruption ? Should I be considering the database and the data folder seperatly ?

          Regards, J
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            HQ Subnet Change and DVM's

            We previously established that before changing the HQ subnet, all user accounts should be moved from the DVM's back to the HQ Server and the DVM software uninstalled and reinstalled after the HQ move is complete.

            Is this REALLY necessary ? Could the DVM's stay in place, instead changing the HQ IP they look to in the registry after the HQ IP change ?

            This would save lots of hassel moving accounts back to the HQ Server, in addition to reinstalling each DVM and then moving all accounts back again. It's also all the data that needs to be moved around that is painful.

            Is this a bad idea ?

            Thank you