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  • VPN Phones Issue

    We have about 10 VPN phones deployed around the US, Taiwan and India. Everything so far works fine, except for my 1 user in India. He will consistantly get SSL Connection Failed, Can not contact Gateway. For some reason, after he unplugs the phone and unplugs the power brick eventually he will connect, but only after about 20-30 frustrating minuets.

    Now, Shoretels online support repository is absolutly no use\help. It only says that the reason for this is because of lack of licences. We have 15 licenses and only 12 phones connected at any one given time(KB12491).

    The user is using a BeeTel 450TCI Router\Modem all in one setup from his service provider( i think from AirTel India).

    Could latency be causing this issue? Is there a minimum internet speed needed for the phones to work?

    Has anyone else out there deployed the VPN Concentrator 5300?

    Other than this one user, these phones really work great. Even the phone in India works great when we can get it to connect.

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    Same issue

    Hi there,

    Did you ever resolve this? I have the same issue (I'm based in London) and would be very grateful for any feedback!.

    Many thanks,


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      Well, we also found out that this 1 user in India, turns his router off and on only when he uses the phone and his internet connection. The reason. To save power. Im not sure what the power situation is out there, but my thinking is that it does take much to keep a small home router powered up, nor does it cost much money. I know that I keep my router at home powered up 24x7 and my VPN Phone at home stays Available until i log into it. None of my other users have a need to power cylce their routers on a daily basis and their VPN Phones are stable like mine.

      We also found out that he is now getting a DSP Error on the phone. My vendor says we need to replace the phone. Im mot sure if its due to the constant power cycling of the router or what?

      How about you, have learned anything else?


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        I am having similar issues with multiple phones across the US and Canada. I will be contacting TAC tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to shed some light on the issue(s). I had to do a factory reset on 3 of the 4 phones to get them to connect and now they tend to drop calls or go to SSL connection failed.

        Stay tuned...