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  • SoftPhone Remote User Setup

    Since no one at my Channel Partner could answer me directly on this i was hoping someone here could.

    I have a remote user that i need to setup a softphone for them so they can work from home.

    Problem i'm having is i've looked thru all the docs and can't find anything on the Technical end of how to set this up and what services need to be used for our firewall configurations.

    Problem is we are a Credit Card Processing Company and i just can't start poking holes in my firewalls to allow access to the softswitch from a external DMZ with out knowing what is needed.

    Any one have some docs on the proper way to map services for remote users on this.

    Really fustrated cause i was told in the beginning before we spent all this money that i would have access to the shoretel website but now i found out i have to go thru my channel partner. Which is a joke cause for the ton's of money we spent on this i should have direct access to shoretel's website and not have to go thru my channel partner everytime i need simple information and wait for ever to get it.
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    I reccomend the user connecting thru a VPN Tunnel or Client.


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      Your channel partner should be able to give you access to the ShoreTel web site to download documentation and software patches and search the knowledge base. My partner did this by creating a separate login that does not have access to any partner-only areas.


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        I would suggest using external Assignment. Using the soft phone through a vpn is just messy and will cause more problems than good (as it happened to us) we now have our people at home on a 2nd phone line (or there own with answering machine turned off). With External Assignment you can forward the calls to her home phone and now worry about bad quality, the soft phone going down, the computer going down, the vpn disconnecting, and many other points of failure. You still should use a VPN so the user can use the Call Manager but is the computer blows up the calls will still be coming in. I would also show them how to enable and disable it through there voicemail.


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          What i planned on doing was since i we have our own DNS Servers i was going to do a A record for example. and point it to a private IP then map that directly to the softswitch and only allow the traffic to that IP only.

          I also have to do something like this anyways for the converged conference bridge correct?
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            did this work. I think the softphone solution does not work very well. Any luck, as we have mad issues with the softphone.