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  • Increasing Size of Flash Card in 50V

    The standard 50V unit comes with a 1GB SD Compact Flash card. What's involved in replacing this card with a larger flash card? I've tried just plugging one in but it seems the card needs to be formatted first. Does Shoretel have a program that can be used to format a compact flash card for use with one of there switches?

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    Currently Unsupported...however
    There is a command in the V switch to format the Card

    5.4.4 Reformatting the Compact Flash

    The CF is not hot swappable; you must shut down the switch to remove the card.
    To format the compact flash:

    Step 1 Open SVCCLI
    Step 2 Enter formatcf on the command line.

    The formatcf command does not reformat a properly formatted compact flash.
    Running the command reboots the switch.

    Also, they have found that they need the higher end cards, otherwise the read/write time is not quick enough, and the audio gets all funked up.


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      As was previously posted, Shoretel uses high-end industrial grade CF cards with greater RW times. If you replace the CF card with your own, Shoretel won't provide support for the unit.