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  • "Encountered error while attempting to connect to server."

    I'm using Win7x64 and just finished installing the ShoreTel Call Manager. I'm going through the initial wizard and when I put in our server name I get the above error.

    Any help?

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    I am working with tac on this issue right now. Upgraded from 8.1 to 9.2 and got Call manager issues.
    There are 2. 1 is a "known" issue with windows xp and reinstalling MSDTC, the other is 0x80000048 in the phone/modem field under the Tapi advanced field.
    So far, upgrading has SUCKED!


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      I have the same problem with Windows 7 x64. It was working initially after ShoreTel is upgraded. For some reason, it doesn't work now. Restarting the computer doesn't work either.

      Anyone has a solution?


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        Anyone have a fix for this? We are new to Shoretel, going through our first install now. So far 3 out of 6 PC's we've installed Call Manager on have run into this issue. We're using: ShoreTel 9.2
        Build 14.41.1108.0

        All PC's are XP Pro 32bit.

        If I log in as the local admin on those PC's, Call Manager connects fine. If I log in as anyone on my domain it fails, even the domain admin.

        However, on the PC's that Call Manager works on, I can log in as whoever I want and it works.

        Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Fixed. It was our proxy server that was screwing us up. Adding an exception for our server did the trick.