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  • Route Point Greeting keeps disappearing

    I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before.

    I've created a new hunt group, and if there's no answer, it transfers to a new RoutePoint voicemail box. For the past 3 days, I've had the owner of that hunt group record the message. Each morning I went to check the greeting, there was nothing (just the Shoretel default). At first I thought it was the user not being able to record it, but I recorded the greeting yesterday morning, and this morning it's gone again.

    My next step is to delete it, and recreate...

    System 8.0 Build 13.9.9403.0

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    I've gotten myself worked up and in a quandry when recording greetings by simply forgetting to hit save..
    The process is clunky at best.


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      Well, I know for sure mine was saved. I went back, and even checked periodically throughout the day by dialing the route point extension, and this morning it was gone.


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        I believe I have seen this before, and if I am remembering, you just need to upgrade. Also, if you are on 8.0, you should probably upgrade anyway.