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  • Shoretel 8.1 Call Manager Freezing

    Hi all. Did a search for issues like this and found a few, but nothing quite similar to what I have.

    I have a user whose Call Manager application freezes up on startup every time it launches. I have tried doing a reinstall on both the call manager, and the .net framework 2.0 for the heck of it and neither option helped. If I log onto the machine as a different user and start up the Call Manager, there's no freezing and it works just fine. So after I discovered this, I went in and removed it one more time and cleared out all of the Shoretel files on the user's profile under %userprofile%\Application Data, and also cleared out the registry key located at HKCU\Software\Shoreline Teleworks. Unfortunately after a reinstall, it continued to do the same thing.

    Any suggestions on what I can do to get this thing running properly?

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    Try disabling the import of outlook contacts. See if that improves the issue. Not a fix, but I have seen where a large import slows down on boot up.