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  • kjavernick
    This is a design decision. We have talked to our ShoreTel reps because we could definitely use the shoretel-to-shoretel call recording in our environment. The only work around is to purchase second party recording software. We have purchased the CallRex Recording software. Hopefully ShoreTel will resolve this issue!

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  • travisbconley
    I second that motion

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  • netwizzerd
    started a topic Monitoring Internal Calls

    Monitoring Internal Calls

    One of those features Shoretel is lacking that I've always just accepted and never questioned:
    Why does Shoretel not allow monitoring/recording of extension-to-extension calls?

    In a call center environment supervisors not only need to monitor/record external extension calls but also agent-to-agent calls, for various reasons.

    Anyone understand why? Is it a network issue, or a design decision?

    Better yet....anyone have a workaround that would enable monitoring/recording of internal calls?
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