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  • Hunt Groups Etc

    Good Morning Everyone,
    I'm trying to figure out the best way to ring an extension on multiple phones (5 or so) but have run into a bit of a problem. We have an executive that would like his entire staff (5 phones) all ring when he gets a call. The problem is that when we create the hunt group for his extension, the phones ring as expected... however the problem is that when no one answers, we have it set to transfer to his extension for voicemail. This is a total of like 8 rings and takes forever. Is there a way to transfer directly to voicemail if no one picks up from the hunt group? Thanks in advance!!

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    Transfer to an Auto Attendant with a silent prompt, a timeout of 0, and a timeout action of taking a message for his extension.


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      or try this...
      On the hunt group, set your rings per member & rings no answer to 3 or 4. Program a mailbox for the hunt group, record the appropriate greeting, make that mailbox copy messages to Mr. Executive's mailbox and have it 'delete' after being copied.
      Callers hit the HG, rings 3 or 4 times or busy, goes to mailbox, takes a message, copies it to Mr. Executive's mailbox, then deletes it.


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        Problem Solved

        We figured out a way around the problem. What we decided to do is use the Follow me feature to ring the hunt group then after no one answers this, it rolls to his voicemail. So the way we see it working is like this-

        Phone rings, he decides if he wants to answer, if not, the auto attendant comes on the line and says "Please wait while your party is located", it rings the hunt group and if no one answers then it goes back to his voicemail. Doing it this way, we only have to create the hunt group and the exectuives Follow me features and were done.

        Thanks for all the suggestions, hope that our discovery will help someone else in the future. Thanks!!