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  • XenApp 4.5 and Call Manager 9

    We have thin clients and use Citrix XenApp 4.5 on our Windows 2003 servers. We are looking to upgrade from ShoreTel 7 to 9, but I heard that ShoreTel Call Manager 8 had a larger footprint and possibly more tied up CPU resources. I am interested in keeping up with the newer versions, but not at the cost of slowing down the servers. Is anyone running ST 9 with XenApp 4.5? If so, what has your experience been like?

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    I am in the same position. I am running 8.1 on XenApp 4.5 and would like to move to 9.1. I don't have experience with version 7 there, so I have no frame of reference. I can tell you that CPU utilization isn't an issue for us, though memory consumption is - generally, not just specific to ShoreTel. If you send me a private message with your email address attached, I'll send a capture from one of my servers showing Task Manager memory utilization for the PCM clients. We generally run about 20-25 users per server, which isn't much, but any time we get over 25 users memory utilization/paging kills the performance. This has been helped somewhat by installing RTO Tscale on our hardware servers.



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      We just upgraded this past Friday from 7.5 to 9.1 on Xenapp 4.5. So far as I can tell, there is no significant difference in resources on the Citrix boxes. We have 12 boxes and average about 35 users per box.


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        Thanks for the update

        we will be working to schedule our upgrade based upon your post...