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  • licensing

    ok, I think I have been told that some licensing items change around version 8 or 9. I am looking to find out what is different. We are on 7.5 now, and I think in my gut that some of the self audited items are out of wack on our licensing. What changes will I see when I go to version 9+


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    Well the one thing I found out is that all self-audited licenses are gone. Shoretel will have to issue you keys for all, Operator, Personal, Workgroup Agent, and Workgoup Supervisor callmanagers. Video licenses and Professional Call Manager licenses have been added.

    You'll need the Video licenses for obvious reasons. You'll need the Professional Call Manager to do OCS integration.


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      After upgrading from 7.5 to 9.1, these are the remaining Self-audited Licenses:
      ShoreWare Personal CAll Manager Software
      ShoreWare Remote Server Software
      ShoreWare TAPI Application Server
      ShoreWare Phone API License

      Everything else is a Keyed License.