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  • CM coming up with old extension after move

    Recently I moved several people from one site to another, changing their extension numbers and site in the Director. I also changed the voicemail server to the DVM located at that site. The phones came up correctly with the new extension, but the call managers are coming up with the old extension and without their associated agent rights.

    I just changed the fields on the existing records, and the client id did not change as it's their first initial last name and doesn't reference the extension. I had them completely exit call manager and relaunch.

    They are able to log into the workgroup via the phone, and everything else seems to work fine. Having to resort to uninstalling/reinstalling call manager and hope that works.

    Anyone run into this before, or have any feasible explanation?

    Thanks much,

    Jessica Stevens
    Arrowhead General Insurance Agency
    Telecom Engineer

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    Hi Jessica,

    There are a few references to the user's extension number in the registry:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Shoreline Teleworks\ShoreWare Client

    is the place to look on the user's PC.

    I'd look at changing these entries and see where that gets you before a re-install. In my experience, quite a bit of config is left behind when you un-install so it may not even help.

    Good luck,


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      Thanks for your help. What I ended up doing was changing the login/password in the call manager to another user (me), and then back to the current user. That worked. I'm just not sure why it was necessary.