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  • Unsure How to Program BCA

    I have a group of about four users that I need to answer a incoming call line. I would like the entire group to have the ability to answer any one the incoming calls. I believe that I will be using BCA to get this working, but maybe I am wrong.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    BCA is designed to emulate key systems where you take a call, put it on hold, page someone "Please pick up line X," and this person goes to a phone and presses the BCA button. If you only want the call to be distributed to the four users without needing this, use a hunt group or a workgroup and set it to simultaneous ring.


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      You could do it several ways, BCA, hunt group, work group or Monitor extension. Each option has it's pros and cons. For a Bridged call you just set up the extenison that people will be calling as a bridged appearance then add a button(s) to each of the phones that are responsible to answer the calls. Depending on which version you are running there are different options available for the button.


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        I am trying to setup this group like the BCA you described. I am having a rough time doing this. I am running 9.1


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          So, I have thrown out the idea of using of BCA after further investigation. I am going to be using the Workgroups feature.

          I do not have a phone set where I am programing this function from and am wondering if there is a way to login/logout of the group. Is there a option/button on the phone that enables users to do this when they have the feature programed on their phone?


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            Agent State can be changed from the options menu.

            You can also program buttons on the phone to log in/out. You would need to tie up two buttons because there is no toggle option.


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              I believe we have it figured out- Thank you very much for your help.

              We will be using Workgroups for our application.