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  • Assign Phone Number to Phone Regardless of User Logged Into Phone

    Is there anyway to have a phone number ring a phone regardless of the user logged into the phone?

    We have 7 people in our dispatch center that share four desks. For reporting purposes, we gave each user there own extension and they are all in one workgroup. The job they are preforming depends on the desk they are sitting at. Our supervisors would like to be able to call a desk directly because it is the person at that desk that has the info they need. As it is now, when they call in, whoever answers the phone has to transfer them to the desk they need. Any ideas would be apperciated.

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    I don't see a way to do this easily in ShoreTel. If you don't mind making changes in Director or busying out hunt groups, it could be trivial, but I'm guessing you're looking for a fully automated changeover between users. A custom could do this quite simply by listening on a route point and figuring out the correct user by phone IP.


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      Thanks for the reply. How difficult is it to get ahold of the API for this? I could probably program up something to do this.


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        This is somewhat along the same lines... maybe it should be in the enhancement request section, but it would be nice if you could program buttons by the phone, and not the user.

        Another way may be to use IP 212k phones, and program every line on there, and the user's just have to be aware of which line they need to monitor for each desk.


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          Nomad, you can get the API from ShoreTel by becoming a development partner. Last I checked, this costs around $1000 a year and gets you access to the developer mailing list, as well as the SDK with samples.

          We are a development partner and could also get you a quote if you're interested. Unless you want to do a significant amount of customization beyond your original request, we may be able to quote cheaper than the cost of becoming a partner.
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