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  • Nested hunt Groups?

    I need a way to make a hunt group call a couple of other hunt groups in top down order. I know I can set up a couple of users and have them always forward to the required hunt group and put those users in the originating hunt group, but I don't want to burn the extensions if I don't have to.

    A little more info. We have 9 locations 3 are in the same town with the headquarters. Currently when you dial the local number for any location the call routes to our headquarters and is answered by our call center. The call center wants to be closed on Saturdays. The locations that are not local to the headquarters will take their own calls. They want all the calls for the headquarters and the locations local to it to be set up to ring the 4 different locations top down. There are at least 2 phones in each location that need to ring simultaneously so who ever is not busy can answer it.

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    Yes you can do nested hunt groups.

    Just set the next hunt group as the no answer or busy destination or off hours.


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      OK not a very clean way to do it but it does work.
      Next question how do I make a work group a member of a hunt group. What we have run into is if one of our sites loose connectivity to the WAN then they don't have any way to receive local calls. Local calls go to BAA which is not very helpful if you don't know the extension you want to call or if the person does not answer since there is no voice mail at that point either. With the WAN down I cannot make changes to director that will make any difference. I figured what I would do is set the AA to call a HG with the WG as the only member and have another local HG that would be the back up destination. So if the switch cannot reach the WG it will fail back to the local HG and the call is answered by the people in the second HG. I am guessing that since I cannot make the WG extension a HG member that there is a better to accomplish this.
      Thanks for the help


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        You will be able to accomplish this in Shoretel 10.


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          I would recommend that the AA transfer to the WG, and the backup extension of the WG is set to the HG. This should achieve the failover you're looking for.


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            Correct me if I am wrong but to do that I would need a different WG for each location since a work group can only have 1 backup extension. If I were to do this my call center would have 9 different WG to log into every morning. It was like pulling teeth to get them trained to log into one.

            Thanks for the heads up on 10 Cburgy. I am looking forward to that.


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              Shep, You do realize that changing your agent status to logged in logs you into all workgroups of of which you are a member?