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  • WGTOOL command line program

    I found this handy little DOS command line program in
    C:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Server
    called wgtool.exe

    it has a mysterious command line interface. It can dump the workgroup, huntgroup activity. Anyone know how to use its mysterious command line interface. Only one command seems to work.

    Hunt works info

    Enter command: ?
    Command list:
    H or Help or ? - List commands and properties
    Agent - Get info about an agent
    AllWG - Get all workgroups info
    SetDebug - Set debug level
    GetLines - Get all tapi lines
    WG - Get info about a specific workgroup
    Memsnap - Take memory snap shot
    Memcomp - Compare memory usage
    DumpTab - Dump tables
    Test1 - Test one
    GPDelay - Set Group Page Delay in Seconds
    wgDN, agentDN, hGC, hHC, callID, lineID, iwg, iagent, imember, iGC, iHC, dbg, de
    Enter command: wg 2604
    ***** Group
    WG not found

    Enter command:
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    Enter command: wg wgdn=6003
    ***** Group 6003
    WG 6003 lineID 0x4e timeType 1 noAutoLogout backup 6202 wrapUpSec 0
    CHM: TopDown rings 4 huntRings 4 operator PermID 0x200000cf
    CFC 1 CFAlways 2100 CFBusy 8101 CFNoAnswer 8101 CFNoLoggedIn 8101
    lastHuntedMemberID 0 Workgroup name SpeechBridge Access, Hunt pattern 1
    Language 1

    Hunt works info

    Enter command:


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      Thanks, for the help.

      Is this little program an example of TAPI or is this something else?


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        this tells you the state of the agents and the workgroup. Troubleshooting tool.