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  • ShoreTel upgrade

    Good evening all,

    Wanted to try to gather some input by some of you to see if you have tried the following and if it was successful.

    Currently we are on 9 with our Shoretel system ( a non GA release ) I am going to upgrade the system, however I do not know if I should update Call Manager via a SMS push or manual installations.

    Has anyone performed an update on Call Manager via SMS or group policy etc. Have you ran into any issues?

    I am just worried things will not be installed properly and users will run into several problems.

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    I have done it two different ways, send out the updated pcm through a GP, make sure everyone shuts down their computer so when they turn it on it pulls the updated software. We have also just let user's do it manually, when you update the server it will then prompt user's to install a newer version of PCM as soon as they start it up.


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      I appreciate the reply. All of the user's PC's are locked down... Just felt like it could have been an administrative nightmare. Ill just give it a go.