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  • Call Manager and Outlook communication

    Good evening everyone,

    I am trying to understand exactly what type of protocols are used directly between Call Manager and Outlook itself.

    We have had some user's complain about Outlook performing rather slow when used in conjunction with Call Manager. I have done some pretty extensive research on the issues. Read some other posts on this forum about different import settings, using cached mode. etc. I don't have a particular problem now, I am merely trying to understand how much actual communication is occurring between these two applications.

    Am I correct in assuming that the only type of communication that is occurring between Outlook and Call Manager itself is MAPI? When Call Manager pulls in the address book information via the user's Import Configurator settings, the transmission is only done between their local address book and the exchange server if it needed to request data from that location.

    Call Manager will use CSIS to retrieve and update via ZIN. But that is on the main server. That communication should have nothing to do with Outlook correct? So is there anything else that I am missing?

    I would appreciate some input.