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  • Shortell Outlook 2007 ad-in issue

    Has anyone seen this error before when launching outlook with Shortel installed? I have tried everything I could think of to correct this.

    I have uninstalled and re-installed Outlook. I have also tried uninstalling shortell and removing all remnants of the program from C:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications and from C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\ShoreWare Client then re-installing. No of this worked.

    I am able to get the message to go away if I disable the ad-in in Outlook but then prevents the and Shortel function in outlook not to work like forwarding voicemails or listening to messages.

    The funny thing Is that even when Shortel is removed and I launch outlook, I still get the message.

    So any thoughts/help would be great. This is the first time this has happened for any of my users.


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    Hey pimpin, is this XP or Vista. If it is Vista, reinstall the exe but before you do, run as an administator.

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      This is Windows XP


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        If you havent already, delete call manager off of you PC before reinstallation(c-program files). Turn of Firewalls and AV. Reinstall and run as admin. Tell me what you get. Oh yeah grab the exe off of the server and run the exe from your end-user device.

        400degreez....who's your Baghdaddy!
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          That is exactly what I did already and i still get the error message.

          And as I said in my original post, this error even occurs when Shortel is completely removed and I launch Outlook.

          A simple uninstall and re-install of Shortel cannot/has not fixed this as you are suggesting. The addin that Shortel added to Outlook seems to be corrupt. If I disable the addin the message goes away but then obviously all the Outlook Shortel functionally goes way like listening or forwarding a voice message… which is not what I want.

          I have even tried to remove the adin's DLL file and reinstall Shortel but this still did not work.

          I may just need to reimage the user’s computer.


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            This happened to me at one point. I used the following post to fix in Outlook 2007: Outlook 2007 -Removing an add-in that no longer exists?

            1. Just do start / run and put in: %appdata%
            2. Delete the extend.dat because the add-ins are cached in there.
            3. It will be re-created the next time you start Outlook without the cached add-in.