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  • Outbound Calling Rule

    I am currently sending all my calls over 6 verizon freedom lines with unlimited long distance on them, and then sending overflow calls through our PRI's which have pay per call on them. Now, the problem with sending the calls out the verizon freedom analog lines is that you can't pass the DID's out through them so I don't know who is actually calling me from inside the company. I CAN pass the DID's if they go out the PRI's. So is there a way to have all calls that are going to a certain phone number routed out the PRI's FIRST and then the verizon freedom lines? Maybe a rule somewhere? I couldn't find any.


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    yes, this can be configured through custom dialing rules. Is it 1 number, or a range of numbers that you would like to do this for?

    Also, what about only sending long distance out the verizon lines first?


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      Custom dialing rules, yes that would work. Are they hard to configure? I thought they looked like something I couldn't do. It would be just be for any calls going out of our company to just ONE number.

      As for the long distance only, we get charged for ALL calls on the PRI's so we would like to send all calls out the freedom lines first because they are unlimited everything.


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        ShoreTel KB12996 is about configuring dial plans. #18 is how to block a specific number on a trunk group. Block your number on the verizon number, and it will be forced to go out the PRI. If you can't get it to work, you can call Packet Fusion at (650) 292-6000 and they can do it in about 10 minutes.


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          Looks simple enough, question though. I already have an entry in the custom area for the freedom lines of ;-2A which makes all calls go out first. Now how can I add a second entry to block my number? Is it just another ; after the -2A?


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            Nevermind, I just appended it to the end. That worked PERFECT! Thanks so much again for you help!