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  • Call Manager 8.1 and XenApp 4.5

    We are trying to install Call Manager on a new XenApp farm and are having issues what we are seeing is the following.

    1. Install the program
    2. Run it as a user
    3. User can launch the program but it never connects (red X phone icon)
    4. Administrator runs the program and configures a profile
    5. That specific Shoretel extension can now connect, regardless of which user loads the profile
    6. No other user can connect
    7. Administrator reconfigures the profile for a different extension
    8. That extension can now connect regardless of the user account, but the previously working extension no longer works

    Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    You need to follow the procedure in Appendix E of the Planning and Installation Guide for installing PCM on a Terminal Server/Citrix.


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      Could you possibly email that section?

      Could you possibly email that section? I am having problems with my shoretel login to pull it down


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        You can access it without a login at /shorewaredirector/Documentation/InstallPlanGuide.pdf

        I can't email it to you unless you send me your email address.


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          Never Mind

          Had a brain lapse remembered the docs are on the server