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  • Shoretel 9/10 AD Integration and Domaining The Server

    I'm looking at enabling the AD integreation on our Shoretel Server. What I'm curious about is does the server need to be joined to the domain for that to work? If so has anyone had any issues domaining a production server?

    -Aaron Evans
    ShoreTel Admin
    Workforce Solutions

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    We put our Shoreware Director server on the domain after the initial install and configuration of Director and then got Active Directory integration working. Application note AN-10233 (from the Shoretel support site) is helpful in getting that set up correctly.


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      Looks like AD integration works, except I think I have the LDAP path wrong. I can't seem to figure out why it won't take (the Show from AD button doesn't work for some reason). My Domain Controllers are all Windows Server 2003 and I only see a checkbox for Delegation rights under the computers, nothing more specific. I used the example provided changing where needed.

      Any advice?


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        I took me a fair amount of time to get it to work. I tried many different things and it finally did work with some of the settings I'm sure I had tried earlier. My thought is that it's possible that there might be some delay in configuring the settings and getting it to actually connect.

        One frustration that I ran into is that when I did AD integration on my own userID, it gives me a script error in my web browser whenever I click Show from AD. But other AD integrated users come up just fine.

        Good luck.


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          What I found on my end was that I didn't need all the ou and dc stuff. Just LDAP://FQDN was all it needed. Oddly enough it won't pull the information for some of the users on the domain. Seems like older user accounts just aren't readable. Kind of weird.

          Funny thing is all of our printers use LDAP and they do require all the weird setting. I guess it's something I'll need to read up on.



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            Make sure to set AD to trust the shoretel server with read access to AD. This needs to be setup before you try to link in AD via the shoretel director.

            I have the article somewhere.. i had to have a partner send it to me when we set our up.

            BTW, it works perfectly. Definitely use it if you plan to deploy PCM.


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              I've been extremely pleased with it. Even with it half working like it is, it has been a vast improvement over upgrades I've done in the past. Editing the MSI for PCM to not reboot after install has been entertaining though.