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  • IP 8000 switch port

    Does anyone know how to enable the data port on the IP 8000 so you can daisy chain a PC after it? I have talked to ShoreTel TAC and they say you can't but why in the world would it be there if you can't?

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    Apparently there was a firmware "upgrade" that disabled the outbound interface on these. Why the *(&#$*(&% would ShoreTel do this? It's stupid, it's lame, it's (insert your long series of epithets here).

    We have a number of IP 8000 phones with the older firmware, then bought a couple more, found out about this idiotic firmware update, asked for the older firmware before some money-grubbing swine at ShoreTel decided to remove existing functionality, and are now ignoring the dire warnings about the old firmware being unsupported.

    Seriously, I hate this. It's done with no explanation that I can find and breaks a part of the phones that our users depended on.