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  • Telecommuter problem leaving voicemail for employees at HQ

    I have a user that is at a remote site connected via VPN. Intra and Inter codecs are set the same. Using G711 & G729

    He can call extension 111 and talk with them without a problem. When he calls them and it goes to voicemail his message is never recorded. Logs say that there is nothing to record and just drops the recording. Extension and voicemail server are at HQ.

    Now if he calls the outside phone number and calls their extension and then goes to voicemail he is able to leave a voicemail.

    I have a second user that has the same setup and they are not having a problem.

    Any thoughts? Cannot seem to find anything on


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    Can the user in question retrieve their own voicemails? If not...

    Have a look at the vLAN/routing. Sounds like there is an issue with the VPN network for this user getting to the VM server network.

    Hope this helps.


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      Yes they can retrieve their own voicemail. I am able to ping from the voicemail server to the users phone.


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        do a wireshark capture on the DVM when this is happening, find out if it is receiving packets from the phone.


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          It may still be a VLAN issue.

          Voice traffic may only be 1 way, which may be why he can hear it, but it can't hear him.

          Is there an extension he can call that's on the same VLAN as the VM server?


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            Your problem depends on a few things. What build version and switches do you have. What type of switches are located at the HQ. Now that we got that straightened out lets proceed. If it is 7.5 or below, then your voicemail traffic gets proxied by a switch at HQ via codec media stream, then that switch and the hq softswtch switch does g711. If it is above that of 7.5, then you stream directly to the soft switch to leave a voicemail. What does this mean. You should run wireshark and determine were traffic stops. Should be straight forward, source/destination based off of what i explained to you. Check for a stream to the switch from your phone and then switch to hq server or stream directly to HQ. If it isnt working, then a fix action is easier to recommend. I suspect this to be a registry setting at HQ or a routing issue. I will assume you know all of your traffic, so i wont jump off into VPN routing yet. Wireshark will be one of the best free tools you ever used. It's how I learned VOIP.

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              There also may be a codec issue, but you are right....Shoretel doesnt pony up the information correctly on the knowledge base. What does that mean to you. It depends, on one hand you could read a little info, google it and figure it out and be a bit smarter at the end of the day (boost that ego homie). Or you could end up with WTF face and come to this forum and well, boost that ego homie. Hoping not to offend, but the person or persons writing the knowledge base stuff and the manuals are not consistant. How many times have you read different docs, same subject and they match? Or better yet, when was the last time you followed the manual to the T and it only worked by combining the info from mutiple sources and this forum.

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