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  • Dialing long distance from PCM = reorder tone

    When users are dialing 1 + area code + number from PCM they get a reorder tone. Number dials fine from phone.

    Event logs of HQ server: switch SW-27.5: Trunks unavailable to route to 1+18665068449.

    How do I remove leading 1 from the number.

    We are 7.5..9600.


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    Go the trunk group you created in Director and check the box for:

    Remove leading 1 from 1+10D


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      I did that and still no worky. I understand when changing setting on Trunk Groups you need to wait a while (TMS). Waited 10 Mins and still not working.


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        I didn't pay attention to your error. The trunks aren't available. What type of connectivity do you have (POTS or T1)?


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          PCM is on LAN. 100 Mb to edge switch then 1Gb to core swithes where SG 120 and SG T1's are.

          Connectivity is not an issue. I really think PCM is adding an extra 1 to the number. When dialing same number from phone is works fine. 9 +1 + area code + number.

          PCM is configured to add a 9 to get a trunk.


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            Ah, I meant voice connectivity (POTS or T1 line).

            This will get a little bit more in depth. Have you contacted your Shoretel partner for troubleshooting assistance. Your support contract covers this.


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              I have but not getting a good answer. I'll have to push them. I though others might have experienced this so thought to try the forum.


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                Typically this is related to dialing rules for how carriers want digits passed based on local/long-distance calls.

                Dialing from PCM and the phone are both subjected to the same dial plan rules.


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                  Try this...
                  In SHoreWare Director, navigate to a user who is having this problem.
                  Click on "Personal Options", then look a little down tha page and find:
                  "Trunk Group Access Code"
                  What is this set to?
                  Try setting this to the trunk group they should be using.


                  • #10
                    is 1 set to be available for an access code in your dialing plan?


                    • #11
                      ...double check your user group for either or both, "allowed to dial long distance" calling and if the "trunk group" has been checked to allow access in the class of service? Also, if you have a multi-site setup, make sure your trunk group is assigned the the proper site.


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                        Understanding ShoreTel Dial Plans

                        The ShoreTel system has a total of 3 dial plans built into it. This can be very confusing. What is the purpose of each dial plan, and why is it that the number that I dial on my phone is not necessarily what is pulsed out to the carrier. I hope the following explains with some clarity what the three dial plans are for.
                        First, you have a dial plan for your call manager. This takes what is dialed and puts it into an appropriate format. This is what is in effect when in call manager you put in 1-800-SHORETEL, and it converts it automatically to 9 +1 (800) 74673835. The 9 being an access code, and the +1 (800) 356-9977 being canonical format. Canonical format is + followed by country code (In the US this is 1) followed by a subscriber number.
                        There is a way to bypass Personal Call Manager's dial plan. You can put in "9+18003569977" and include the quotes. This will send the full string without formatting to the next dial plan, which is the site plan. Additionally, dialing direct from your phone bypasses the Personal Call Manager dial plan.
                        The site plan has two man jobs. First, it marks all calls with the correct permissions, be it local, long distance, or international.
                        Second, it converts all numbers into canonical format. This means that whether you are using PCM or on your phone, if you dial seven digits, the site plan inserts a + a 1 (country code) and local area code before sent to the trunk. This means that no matter how you place a number in PCM, it will get formatted into canonical format before being sent to the trunks.
                        The third dial plan is the trunk dial plan. This takes the canonical format, and converts it to however the carrier wants to receive it. This is most useful when a site has multiple carriers. A site might have multiple trunks, perhaps a SIP trunk, and a PRI. The sip line may simply want all calls in a 10 digit format while the PRI provider may want 11 digit dialing for long distance calls and 7 digits for local calls.

                        You need to go your PC's phone and modem settings and remove the 1 for Use this carrier code to make long distance calls - also remove for international calls


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                          Update: This was fixed once we changed the dialing plan. Our Shenzhen, China site was using a 1 for a outside line. That caused issues for all PCM dialing. Once we removed the 1 from the dialing plan and made it available for extensions dialing from the PCM worked again. All our sites are using 9 for an outside line. Lesson learned. All our remote offices need to plan more with our main office before having local vendors make changes. Thanks to all for taking time to help with this issue.


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                            trunk group access code and checking remove 1+10D fixed me. You guys are great