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  • Overflow to AA and such

    We are having a real issue with the following:
    We have customer (using ST7) that wants to have 7 lines ring to an attendant.

    When the attendant cannot handle the call load (about twice a day) they want it to overflow to the AA. We have a directory there for dialing to stations. That work OK (nothing super.)

    Problem is that when the caller wants to hit "0" it goes right back to the Attendant (station 201.) Same crap again, she can't answer so it goes to AA.

    Some how we managed to screw it up once that it would go to her personal VM.

    What they want is if she can't answer is to go to the AA and if they "0" for it to go to a MB that can be notified at several desks. Doesn't seem hard to me. With our TDM products it usually takes 3 minute to set all this up. So far we haven't got it right in 4 months.

    I normally would call TAC for assistance ( being as we must pay for it.) Now it looks like they are keeping score on who calls and you get docked quality points for calling in unless some is broke and they acknowledge it.

    Any comments appreciated. Thanks!

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    Call comes into a Hunt Group, Attendant is member of Hunt group.
    Hunt Group "no Answer/Busy" goes to AA.
    Set "0" in AA to goto a VM box. (Not the users, but a new VM...VM ONLY.
    Set callers to call appearence to "Monitor Extension" (For those that want to monitor the VM box).

    You could also mess with the "personal assistant" option in the users VM to send to a AA or other location I believe.

    About Calling TAC...I've been hearing people mention this. Is this in writing somewhere in the partner site??? Part of us "Providing WORLD CLASS Customer Service" is being able to get an answer, and to get it quickly. Docking us will only hurt Shoretel in the end.


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      Docking for calls

      Charles- It was in the memos that were sent out about the Service Providers program they are starting. We call only call X amount of time based on amount of ST purchased. Beyond that there is penalty.

      I believe it is on the web site in the announcement as well.

      I was maybe mistaken that with the IPO (that I contributed to!) the $80 million was to give us better field support and more TAC support. I actually called TAC for assistance on one occasion and was told they couldn't help that Professional Services would have to handle and do a write for it. ($3600)

      Love the product. I am afraid they are putting too many eggs in the basket with AT&T and the likes and not looking to us little guys. Got a call from a local law office that purchased the equipment from TechData (or someone like that) and want us to assist them. They paid more than I would have charged!