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  • Setup issue

    I am building a new system for a customer and ran into one issue. They have multiple departments, all with different published numbers, and two receptionists. What I have done is created one HG for reception, however they need to know which departments number has been dialed before they pickup the call. Would I have to create a different HG for each departments calls that ring into reception so that they would know who is calling? or is there an easier way to do this?


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    I would recommend two hunt groups.

    Another possibility would be some sort of announcement to the receptionist before the call is connected. We did this for one customer by playing a short wave file in their ear after they answered and are experimenting with doing this during the ring as well.


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      If its a PRI, you can create DNIS entries and label the dialed number with whatever you want to call it. Then when the phone rings, it shows that label on their phone and in Call Manager.

      In America, I had a customer with ECC where the agents answered calls from a few different customers. Each customer had their own 800 number to call, so I just labeled each DID with the name of the customer who was calling.


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        It is a PRI, so I think I will just use DNIS entries to solve this one.


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          if not, try using route points...They might be easier to track?