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  • IP 8000 issue

    I looked around for a bit here on the forums and could not find anything that really related to the issue that we are having. We recently went live with our new shoretel system and everything is going great with the ip phones (230's and 530's). The issue that we just started having is with our 3 IP 8000 conference phones. After going live and cutting our PRI's over we had to associate the DID's with their respective hardware. We assigned the proper DID numbers to all three IP 8000 phones and tested to make sure that they were still working. (Did the conversion on a day when we were closed, and have had the shoretel system up for 5+ weeks but only for inside lines). All three were able to call inside lines fine and were also able to successfully place and receive outside calls. The issue is that 3 days later (this morning) all three IP 8000's quit working all together (including the one in the Board Room during a meeting ) Needless to say I pulled all three IP 8000's out of the live environment and now have them working again in my test environment. I would like to know if anyone else has had a similar issue to this. We are running build 14.21.4905.0 for ST director and ST_PH1_3.7.2 (1) on the IP 8000's.

    Basically I want to make sure that this does not happen again because I for one dont like getting mud in my face lol. :no:

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    Do you have multiple ShoreGear switches? When they stop working see which switch the have homed to. If it is the wrong Switch move it to the correct one. The version of code you are running was supposed to have better VLAN support.



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      I will have to check that next time. We have 7 SG-90's, 1 SG-50 and 2 SG-30's. If they would have tried to communicate through a non-SIP switch that would make sense as to why they stopped working. However, in the menu for the phone itself I had to set a hard IP for the Registrar host which is the same IP as the SG-90 that handles the 3 IP8000 phones.


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        Ok, first i would go to the addy of the phone http://ipaddy/support
        User:cli Pass:ShoreTel or shoretel. Pull down the trace and run it with wireshark. From there you will see sip registering with the server and call setup. Make sure the phones are registering with the switch you set in Director and so on.

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