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  • Can't connect to server with Call Manager after mangled install Ver. 7.5

    I was hoping someone out there has seen this problem before. The problem was yesterday, someone was trying to uninstall a stubborn program that was running on the same server as the Shortel. They were removing items from the registry that were connected to iis on our Windows 2003 server.

    The Shortel quit working for voicemail and some of the services wouldn't start. So after working for a few hours to rebuild some of the registry keys and settings we have it all back and working with the exception of the Call Manager. All of the functions in the ShorWare Director seem to be fine there is just this last piece to fix. Does anyone have any idea of things we can try or test? Keep in mind that the only changes were on the server and the clients using the Call Manager have had no changes at all and they are all able to ping the server using the IP or the DNS name of the server.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I would first make a backup of the Shoreline data directory, and the database. Then try a repair. If that doesnt work, do an uninstall and reinstall.

    And dont have anything else running on the Shoretel server!


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      Repair install

      Sorry if I am a bit ignorant about this system. Are you saying that I can just copy the database and the Shoreline Data folders then reinstall the app and copy these two folders over to the new install and it all should work?


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        One more thing I just found that was broken...

        If a phone is disconnected from the network it isn't able to connect to the ftp server to bring the phone back up. I looked at the settings for the IIS server and it didn't have the ftp site running. I copied the same format and settings from another server and started the service but the phone still isn't able to pull the files down to start. As I find out more that might be helpful I will post it here. To be continued....


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          If its version 7.5 or earlier, you can just copy the Shoreline Data directory to make a backup. (assuming you arent worried about backing up the CDR database) I just think it would be easier to start over again.

          So, copy the Shoreline data directory. If space or time are an issue, you can leave the logs directory out, as it gets kinda big.

          Make sure you have all of the right Windows components installed, IIS, SMTP, FTP, etc...

          Try to run a repair of the Shoreware server install.

          If that doesnt work, uninstall it and reinstall it. But before you reinstall it, copy your Shoreline data backup to where you want it (i.e. d:\Shoreline Data) then reinstall Shoreware server. Make sure that you choose the right locations in the install.

          That should be it...As long as you have a backup, it should take less than 3 hours to get a Shoretel server back up and running. And thats if you have to rebuild the Windows server part too.


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            If its ST8 or later, you will have to copy the Shoreline Data directory, AND do a dump of the MySQL database. Then follow the steps above, and lastly do a restore of the MySQL database...with some reboots here and there.


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              Re-install tonight....

              Thanks for your reply. I will wait until after business hours tonight and do the repair install. Fingers crossed.


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                All is well and working again

                Just to follow up. I did a repair install and everything seems to be back on track. Thanks for the help.


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                  Cool! No Problem!