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  • Cordless Phone Compatibility

    We are looking to replace our current analog helpdesk phone, with one of the digital variety. I'm not really sure where to begin with this search can anyone offer any advice?

    Do you have any recommendations? We would obviously like to connect up with the Shoretel system, but as long as it can make calls and see who is calling, I could live with that.

    Thank you for the input.

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    We too are looking to purchase some cordless phones to work with our phone system. We would like to have it be a SIP Extension on the phone system with all the features that the IP115 desktop phone would have.

    I have talked to a few people but it appears that no one has really stepped up as the leader for this from what I have seen. Please let us know if there has been any headway with this so we can start looking in to this.

    Thank you,


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      We have EnGenius cordless phones at our locations and it connects directly into our ShoreTel system in Port 11. You assign it an extension and everything, works very well. 96 locations in 7 states and no complaints.


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        Try looking into the Polycom/Spectralink solution that is supported by ShoreTel. We have a deployment of 20 of them that just went out and they seemed to work great. They differ from the IP 115 in that you need to do a star code for all features, but they are available. The phones are a great solution if you have an existing wireless network.

        Here is the post that was running about those handsets earlier on the Forum.


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          Yeah we just have a plain ole plantronics cordless phone 5.8 ghz. Something you can get at walmart. You just have to assign it a port on your switch. Either create a user for it or a route point.