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  • New to ShoreTel.. multiple users/ext question

    Hi all,

    I'm working on our first ShoreTel product. Looks great so far. But I immediately ran into a situation that I couldn't find an answer for.

    I apologize in advance if this was already covered on the site. I searched a bit on key words but nothing tailored to my question.

    We have a site with land surveyors that share one phone in the office since they're out in the field most of their working hours. The old system they could be assigned to a shared extension, ex: Bob Smith x218. Mike Jones x218. John Andrews x218.

    When people looked for their names they saw their extension and dialed it and that phone rang.

    I want to do the same when setting up those users but when I enter the extension, on the second user I add with that same extension, it gives me an error saying that extension is already in use.

    Also, when adding their First and Last name, it defaults to FLast (and [email protected]) on the User ID and Email ID section. We're a First.Last organization and I was wondering if there is a way to default to that format instead of FLast.

    We're using build 14.21.4905.0

    Thanks all!
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    If you want to have multiple names associated with one extention, choose one of these ways to do it:

    1. Create one user. Go to System Directory and add additional names, specifying the extension for the one user you created.

    2. Create one user. Create a route point for each additional user. Configure it to always forward calls to that one user.

    3. Create multiple users with mailboxes. When the user comes into the office, have them press Voice Mail-#-extension-password-#-7-3-1. This will reassign the extension to the phone.