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  • Call Screening

    Does anyone know how I can setup call screening similar to the Announced Find Me? We would like to have a button in PCM so that if you do not recognize the incoming call you could press this button and they would have to record their name and then the caller and recorded name would be presented to the employee. I do not want to tie up another Extension/Mailbox license to do this if I do not have to. Thanks

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    This feature is not present in native ShoreTel without using mailboxes as you have noted. Would it be possible to reduce the cost by purchasing mailbox-only licenses? I did not check to see if announced FindMe can be used with these.

    It would be possible to do this with custom development if you wish to avoid the mailbox licenses. This may be more or less expensive than the mailbox licenses, depending on how many users you have and what exact functionality you need. If you would like a quote, please contact Tim or Bryon at 888-335-7271


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      Thanks. I will discuss with my ST Partner of record.


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        Excellent! I had assumed you were a partner...

        We strive to be a partner of the ShoreTel partners to offer them customization services they may not have the resources to do in-house.


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          Shoretel Professional Services has an application available that does precisely what you want. Your partner can share more information on the application with you.