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  • Unable to conference on the IP8000 help

    Hi guys,

    The problem I am having right now is that my IP8000 will not allow for conferencing. I can talk to only one person at a time on the phone. The phone was purchased for the reason of conferencing. If anyone can help me with getting the conferencing working on this phone it would be very much appreciated.


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    By default you should be able to conference three, that includes the IP8000.

    Check the user group permissions.


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      An IP8000 is a SIP phone and SIP cannot do even a three-way conference without having a Conference DN. Do you have at least 4 ports configured on your switch as conference ports?


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        How many persons are you conferencing?

        I think you may also need the Professional call manager in order to conference more than 3 persons.


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          This question entirely depends on how the phone is setup...
          If you are using SIP trunks, (the default for 7.5 and older) you need to have configured 2 SIP trunks to the device. You will then be able to conference "You plus 2" = 3 parties...
          If you are using a SIP extension (Only available in 8.1 and after) you can now do 3 party, or up to 6 party if you have make me conferencing enabled on the switches and in the user group. This will require call manager in 8.1 and later.

          The most common reason I see for this question is when the phone is setup with SIP trunks in 7.5 and the installer only configured 1 trunk.

          Get the install guide, and tripple check all your config.