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  • Wireless help

    Hi Guys,

    We are currently looking into getting wireless in our new building. The only problem I have ran into is that we are using the shoretel 115 which are PoE now is there some way or some sort of adapter I can use to give the shoretel phone wireless capabilities or any sort of suggestion so i would not have to run cables for each one of my IP phones.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated


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    Are you thinking about running all your phones over wireless? Using 115 handsets?

    Or is this just for one phone that needs to roam around?

    if you are thinking about doing this on a large scale, then you "be crazy"......


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      You be crazy is right. I would use a SIP extension and find a good wireless AP Client....Deliberant has some pretty good commercial grade AP's. You could set up AP clients and run the Phones to a switch that connects to the AP Client. I also would check out Ruckus, they are tied to Shoretel but I have done VOIP over the Deliberant before (Fiji-Dallas) using Asterisk.