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  • WAN Issues- Extreme Lag


    We recently just rolled out Shoretel 8.1 within my company. We have multiple sites spread out in New England who all connect back to the configuration server through an MPLS network, with QoS. Throughout the whole company we are experiencing issues ranging from the configuration server becomes available/unavailable, phones only ring once, phones ring but no caller id information is present, phone rings but nothing is displayed on the software.

    We have PCs running from Windows XP to Windows Vista. I've worked with my provider of the network who noticed there is a ton of traffic flowing in and out of the Shoretel Server (Server 2003) that is not voice. Its causing bottlenecks in my pipe which is leading to the lag. I'm adding 2 additional T1s to help clear the bottleneck (already have 2 t1s where the configuration server is located), but i can't help but wonder if something else is causing the problems.

    Nothing else is installed on that server except for Shoretel. I'm hoping someone might be able to give me a general idea of what might be causing the issues. We have about 6-10 phones per site spread out over 10 sites. Any ideas?

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    Call Manager connects to the ShoreTel server:
    1. HTTP for voice mail status, agent state, queue state, etc.
    2. MGCP for softphone
    3. RTP when someone plays a voice mail, dials an AA or WG, etc.
    4. Some other protocol for TAPI call events

    Is this the traffic you're seeing?


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      Check this out pimping, if you have a "ton" of traffic and you cannot id it, you should consider running Ethereal/Wireshark or something similiar to determine the source/destination of the traffic and protocol used(mirror the port of the server). That may save you on going out to buy a T-1. Spend that money on toys or convince the bosses to put some of that in your pay.

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        If you would please be more specific on your setup.

        Do remote sites have switches or are there just phones.
        What kind of POE switches do you have.
        What VPN devices or do you use VPN devices at your remote sites.
        Do you know what Codecs you use.
        Are your remote phones teleworker phones.

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          How many sites? Do you have SG switches at each of the sites?

          MPLS network? I'd guess you are only prioritizing your RTP payload.

          Traffic to and from the Shoretel server usually isn't significant unless you are a large organization with a LOT of users. What most frequently occurs is Best Effort traffic is starved on your links from other traffic.

          Are you centralizing Internet access? What other apps are you running in your environment?

          BTW, if you have Cisco or Juniper routers, setup flow (either Netflow or JFlow) and go download Solarwind's free flow monitoring tool. This will tell you what type of traffic is consuming your links.


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            We have noticed that things get pretty ugly if we dont dedicate enough bandwidth for the QOS connections to and from the server, not just voice traffic.

            The bandwidth seems to be related to users monitoring other extensions, or having EVERYONE in the "contact" lists.... it seems that there is a lot of traffic back and forth updating everyone's status, etc.

            How much bandwidth are you dedicating to voip traffic coming from each site?

            how much is dedicated at the main site total?

            Do the remote sites have PRI's or analog lines to dial out on?

            for example, if you have 512k QOS coming from each site, and only 1mb at the main site, you will run out of bandwidth quickly.......

            If you have all your phones at the remote sites using PRI's from the headquarters site then you probably dont have enough bandwidth.

            if you don't have switches at the remote site.... :-( .
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              One thing I recall when we upgraded to 8.1 is that my codecs were changed during the upgrade process to a much more bandwidth intensive codec. If you only have X amount of bandwidth, these codecs could be eating it all up. If all the traffic is being generated from your server, I would agree with the previous posts, find out what is going on with your server and what type of traffic it is broadcasting. You may have a virus that slamming your network or something else going on that is completely non-ShoreTel related but impacting your ShoreTel traffic.