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  • Transfer Mask

    We have an automated system that we would like to be able to transfer calls to other extensions as needed. However we need to know the "transfer mask". Essentially what tones/signals/numbers that need to be sent so the Shoretel system knows to transfer the call to the extension that is sent.

    The system is currently working for 3 of the 4 workgroups it is supposed to forward to, and I can't figure out why the 4th wont work. It is set up the same. I need to rule out that the configuration is correct before I can get on the provider and tell them that it is there system.

    Also anyone know the best log to look at to see how the ones that work are being handled/received by Shoretel so I can compare the one that doesn't?

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    TMSncc i believe. As long as you can understand it.