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  • schedule question

    I want to play the menu all year long during business hours, however, from the Monday of Thanksgiving week, until Jan 2nd, I want to play the same menu, but with Happy Holidays in the message.
    I don't mind recording two message, but I don't want to manually change the menus every holiday season....

    I was hoping I could use Holiday Schedule or Custom Schedule to play a different BUSINESS HOURS message.

    Is this possible? I've been reading, but it seems custom and holiday are only for closed times.

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    There should be no problem with using a holiday schedule. All four of the tabs have full configuration options for controlling call flow, so just set up the holiday tab like the on-hours tab but put the different message.

    If you want yet a different message for true holidays, put another AA in front and put the holiday message there.


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      Thank you for the reply.
      I used Holidays for our actual holidays where we will play a closed messaged, and I used Custom for the 20 or so days we want to play a special Happy Holidays greeting when we are open. The custom allowed me to also use times with the dates, so it will only play the business hours options when the times are met as a condition. If it's outside the custom times, it should play holiday closed if the date exists there, or just default to off-hours.

      You put me on the correct path - thanks again!