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  • Lock phone

    We are having a bit of an issue with employees changing other employees CHM via the phone. Is there any way to lock the phone? or some sort of security measure?

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    Stronger voicemail passwords should do the trick.

    Or you can create a user group that does not allow CHM changes. This could prove less useful if the users need to make CHM changes on an ongoing basis.


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      To clarify, are they logging into the user's mailbox remotely, or are they walking up to the phone and pressing Mode?


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        Good point Daniel...I was thinking remotely but a strong VM password would not prevent the users from walking up to the phone and using the mode button. I was thinking about accessing it remotely...

        The user group deal should still work though...I'll do little testing here.


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          Ok so after further testing. The user group idea might not help either. If you uncheck both boxes the user cannot change anything not even the mode (even via CM). If you leave the current mode button checked the user can change the mode but not the details.

          Daniel any ideas for a custom on this? Maybe something that password protects the mode button some how?


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            I was able to come up with a work around...

            Create a user group that does not allow CHM changes. Then give the receptionist CHM delegation for the users in question. He or she will then be able to change the CHM for the user. Not an elegant solution as it means the user(s) have to call the receptionist each time they need to change the CHM meaning more work for that person. Also the receptionist would need the operator CM software.

            Hope this helps!